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Conclusion: Not Recommended

Service Review

According to, this is a native writing service, meaning that all their employees are native to the USA. However, this does not guarantee quality of content, and testimonials speak differently of the quality of service delivered by this site.

To check why such concerns are shared on the Web, we researched a bit and created our review.

Pros and Cons


  • Customer service is available 24/7

  • Wide range of services


  • Average paper quality
  • High prices for content
  • No loyalty program

Online reputation

The online reputation of is mostly negative. We’ve encountered many positive testimonials on the website, but only few on the Web. This led us to the conclusion that the testimonials on the site are selected specifically to make the visitor believe this company is the best service, while their reputation obviously speaks otherwise.


You will find several guarantees on the site, including privacy, timely delivery, originality and quality guarantee.

Types of Services

The list of services is solid. It combines dozens of papers, as well as a category called ‘data analysis services’. In this category, you will find some unique assignments that can rarely be ordered from other companies, such as SAS, SPSS, econometrics, etc.

Ordering Process

If you wish to order a paper here, you will probably find the ordering process to be very simple. It only took us minutes to order a paper from the company, and the free calculator came very handy when we wanted to calculate the price.

Prices and Fees

We used the calculator to see our quote since the Pricing page did not include any prices. Once we did this, we learned that is quite an expensive company, and their discount programs are not very inviting.

For example, an essay within a deadline of a week and for the lowest academic level comes at a rate of $15.03, $16.03 and $18.03, depending on the quality you will choose. This price is the final quote for a page of an essay, and the discount is automatically added by the calculator.

The prices only go higher from here. If you choose a higher academic level or a closer deadline, will charge a very high sum for your paper. There are some discounts that apply to your order, and they are based on the number of pages you select.

Paper Quality

Even though the prices are higher than an average student can afford, the quality is not equivalent to what you will pay. The essay we got was not terrible, but it was definitely not what we would consider ‘premium quality’. For a Master’s academic level, the company should have assigned a better writer to work on our paper. Since we paid for the highest quality level available, this led us to the conclusion that this company is not a great source for papers for higher academic levels.

Customer Support

The customer support was very professional and prompt, but it did not make any difference. When we discussed our problems with the paper with one of their agents, he switched us to another agent, who then continued to do the same. After more than 20 minutes, we finally spoke to a person who knew what to do in such cases. This agent offered us a free revision, but informed us that we would have to wait for 4 days before the delivery, since the company is ‘too busy on other projects’.

Offers and Extra Services

Aside from the discount offers based on size of papers, there aren’t any extra services you can get here. The discounts offered vary from 5% to 20%, but the higher offers are very hard to get. For example, you’d have to order over 201 page to get the 20% off your order.