EssayMama is an academic grade writing services company focusing on essay delivery. Although they offer coursework and Dissertation help, their forte point is a wide range and types of essay solutions. At a first glance, we were amazed by the cool and hip presentation of their website. Vibrant colors such as yellow and red, and high quality graphics attract all eyes towards this great writing services company. What they promise are excellent quality papers, professional level writing, 24/7 support team and any urgency level essays.

Getting proper writing inspiration is a big issue among students. They just stay up during the nights to try writing those difficult essays and term papers. EssayMama takes off your shoulder this burden and offers a wide range of solutions to assist you even with themost complex tasks. We also noticed that EssayMama attracts people to place their orders by offering an instant 20% discount for first time users. This is a generous discount considering many other companies offer only about 5% first order discounts. Each and every paper is custom tailored to meet the instructions and requirements of students and teachers on a worldwide level.


In general, prices are tailored to suit the affordability of a student.Prices for low level writing are cheaper, while prices for top academic level writing are more expensive. This is just normal, considering that a university level essay needs to be more complex, so it is written by an expert with a Doctorate degree in most cases. The company charges competitive prices, trying to keep them as low as possible even for the Platinum level of writing.

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Students will have to select the Writer Degree thatsuits their needs. There are writers with Master’s Degrees and experts with PhD or Doctoral degrees in different subjects. Those with MA are recommended for High School writing, college or Bachelor andUndergraduate writing projects. The PhD or Doctoral level writing is recommended for Bachelor, Master’s and PhD students. The prices are as follows:

  • Standard quality writing starts at $19.99 per page for a deadline of 10 days. For a 5 day deadline the cost is $21.99 while for 3 days it is $24.99. For urgent writing such as within 6 hours, the cost is $38.99, while for only 3 hours the charge is $41.99 standard quality.
  • Premium Quality writing – according to thewebsite this is the most popular choice among students. Prices start at $21.99 for a 10-day deadline, and go $22.99 per page for 7 day deadline. Then, for a 3-day deadline the cost is $26.99, while for 48 hours it is $34.99 per page. For a very tight deadline of 3 hours, the cost is $43.99.
  • Platinum quality writing – for 10 days deadline, the charge is $23.99. For 4 days it is $27.99 while for 48 hours the cost is $36.99. Doctorate level writing is the most expensive for very tight deadlines, such as 6 hour deadline with a charge of $47.99 and 3 hour deadline with $52.99 per page.

Discounts and Freebies

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Our team of experts did run a lengthy and in depth usability test on the website of EssayMama. We need to be able to report honest opinions about the services and websites we review. When we first checked out EssayMama we liked the fact that the website is extremely dynamic. The general outline is nice, with lively colors and enticing graphics. At a first glance we could notice the most import characteristics of the service:

  • Pampering students with exceptional quality essays
  • Affordable prices, excellentquality, any urgency level
  • Professional support team 24/7

Then, we noticed that the company allows internationalstudents to find their local site, such as Essay Mama Australia or EssayMama UK. This is a good point, because the requirements of students differ greatly from one country to the other. For example, a student from Australia needs his essaywritten by a local Australian writing expert. We liked this feature a lot, and we consider it anextremely important bonus.

Regarding user friendliness, thewebsite displays a big red tab right in the middle, which is the ‘Order Now’ button. This is a nice feature,allowing students to place theirordersextremely fast, without losing precious time searching for the order page. Most writing services companies will not have the Order button placed in such anobvious manner.
We did not even have to scroll much, and we came upon the list with the services provided. These writing solutions include: Research papers, Term papers, essays, paper writing, editing, proofreading, and they have even Power Point Presentation writing. There is also a special tab Custom Essay in Hours, for those looking to get their essay written extremely fast. Overall, this website tested very well for usability and user friendlies of the features available.


EssayMama experts are readily available every minute of the day or night. They acknowledge the importance of students being able to discuss with a quality writer at any given moment. There are students who require an essay on a very urgent deadline, such as within 3 hours. Then, they need to be able to contact fast a writer, informing themabout the requirements so that the writer canstart working. We liked it that the company has a 24/7 customer service that is friendly and professional.

The live chat option was tested by one of our team members. Immediately as we asked he experts a few questions,we rapidly received answers to everything. We were also informed about the great discounts and special deals that we can take advantage of. Also, the expert kept on asking us if they can assist us with anything else. If needed, they could eve guide us through the entire order process, or redirect us to a PhD level writer.

Besides the live chat option,there is also a Toll Free number available. We called the customer representative and asked him to tell us howmuch our order would cost. Even though there is a price calculatoravailableonline, the expert quickly calculated the price for us. He never told us we should use the calculator, but he was readily available to assist us. We loved this feature!

It seems EssayMama does not allow mistakes and misunderstandings to happen, especially when it comes to customer service. They want for everything to work perfectly, and they want happily returning customers. For this, they invest plenty of efforts and time in delivering top quality services on all levels. Try the solutions of this academic essay writing company and you will not regret it.

Papers Quality

Just as we do with any website that we review, we also placed an order with EssayMama. We wanted to check on the quality of the paper, so that we could report to you all our findings. We find the order page and paid for 2 essays: admission essay for college and historic one. For the admission essay we gave a deadline of 6 hours. We asked for such a short deadline, because we wanted to see if they can deliver quality within such a short timeframe.

Next, we notified the writers about a few details such as name, college department where we seek admission, and other such details.We asked that the essay is 3 pages long. The writer assigned to our task immediately contacted us and asked if there are any special directions that should be included. Then, he said the essay will be ready within 3 hours, at the same price we paid for a 6 hour deadline. Basically, we got a perfect essay written withina short deadline, for a cheaper price.

The essay was outstanding in quality. The personal statement was extremely convincing, and we would certainly get admitted into any college with such an essay. The paragraphs were nice and equal in length, and there were even a few quotations entered in order o ‘convince’ the reader why we would make a good candidate for their college.
We read the essay twice to search for mistakes, and we couldn’t find any. The essay was proofread by a professional editor, andthere was no grammar or stylistic mistake present. The paper was neat and clean, nicely arranged on page and with many elevated phrases. We would highly recommend any college student to buy writing assignments from this company.

The other essay on historic topic was also nice! You can check it here:

Essay Sample

Here is an essay sample ordered at EssayMama: essay sample

Writers Academic Level

EssayMama employs only writers with top academic achievements. Not only that, but the company requires that each writer has a proven rack of experience in the field. Many of the experts here are real life writers, editors at important publications, or university Professors. They justwork part time for assisting studentswith their writing tasks. Those who are employed full time, also need to make proof of their academic levels. There are writers with Masters Degrees and Doctorate degrees in diverse fields such as: Biology, Math, Astrology, Literature, the Classics, History, World Economics, Sciences and many others.

Each writer is well trained in the rules of academic writing. This type of writing differsgreatly from scholarly or general writing, and the difference is noticeable in the papers they deliver. The experts are capable of deliveringessays, term papers, research papers or Dissertations written with high professionalism and respecting the standards of academia on a local level. The writers know the expectations of teachers and university professors, and they can deliver papers tailored tosuit these requirements. This is why EssayMama has such a huge influx of orders coming in on a daily basis.

The writers are capable of delivering even papers within only 4 hours. A highly experienced writer can maximize his time spent on research, writing and proofreading. This is why he can compile a 5 page essay within 3 hours or even less. College students do not have the skills to perform at such highstandards, but an expert who has been writing for at least 8 hours a day for the past 10 years can certainly do it.

The quality of the papers cannot be contested. The writers vouch for the quality of these academic essays, and they can even offer unlimited revisions if needed. They are also in direct contact with the customer, informing him/her about the progress of the task. Overall, EssayMama represents the wisest solution for students who need assistance with any type of writing project.