A-Writer.com Review

A-Writer.com is a top reputable custom essay writing services company. They offer elite grade solutions for students, and they do not even charge any upfront payments. When we first checked out the website, we were stunned by the simplicity of the design. This is an extremely user friendly website with a soft toned design and concise information. We liked the fact we do not have to skip banners and popup ads to eventually reach the main web page. A-Writer has been certainly developed to meet the needs of both experienced and inexperienced internet users.

The company offers a wide range of writing services, and they have an easy to use price calculator right on the home page. Students can easily check the cost of projects with this calculator. We liked this feature a lot, and we were able to calculate within seconds the cost for any type of writing project. Such reliable writing companies are extremely beneficial to students who work, or those who simply do not have the time to complete all the writing assignments for college. A Writer also offers writing in several topics: Biology, Chemistry, the Classics, Math, Geology and even Chemistry or Education.


A-Writer.com charges exactly the prices anyone would pay for top quality writing. The company offers elite writing solutions, which means people cannot expect they will pay $2 per page for such good quality. However, as we checked the price list we noticed these are very affordable. A student on a limited budget can definitely afford to place orders whenever he needs. Exactly as the experts display on their website, there is no price you can actually put on academic success. They offer the best in order to help you achieve the best result such as top grades, excellent reviews from peers, etc.

a-writer.com prices

Unlike other writing companies they offer only 2 writing qualities: standard and premium. So let’s check out the detailed prices for different urgency levels:

  • Standard Quality: for a deadline of 10 days, the cost is $21.99/page. Then, for a 5-day deadline the charge is $22.99 while for 3 days deadline the price is $26.99. As the deadline gets shorter, the prices become more expensive as well. For a short deadline of 24 hours the cost is $31.99 while for only 3 hours deadline the price is $46.99
  • Premium Quality: This is the most popular choice because of the great guarantees included: free add-ons, progress notifications, proofread by quality assurance department, direct writer contact, writer background is displayed, order completed by top 10 writers, VIP support provided and order completion SMS notification. The prices are as follows: $24.99/per page for 10 day deadline, $25.99 for 4 days, and $29.99 for a 3 days deadline. For much shorter notice deadlines the costs are as follows: $32.99 for 48 hours’ notice, $39.99 for 12 hours, $44.99 for six hours and $49.99 for the shortest possible 3 hour deadline.

Discounts and Freebies



Regarding usability, perhaps this is the best website we ever reviewed. The pages have a simple yet highly modern layout, making it easy to find everything you are looking for. From the home page you can be redirected to several important subheadings such as: Guarantees, Prices, About Us, Services, FAQS, Contact and Order Now. It is nice that the ‘Order Now’ tab is highlighted in the color red in order to grab attention. This way, if you are looking to place an order extremely fast, you will find the order page immediately.

The home page also displays the contact option including live chat and direct call number. There is also a log in area available, and here users can create their own profile. By logging in they can view all past orders, the projects under development, or check their inbox for new messages. As we scrolled down, we noticed on the right side a menu with the services offered. These include the following: essays, term paper help, research papers, Custom Essay Writing, writing service, Dissertation Writing, High School service, Associate Services, Bachelor’s, Master’s & Doctoral Services.

Genuine testimonials of past clients are also displayed on the home page. As we already said, the entire website has a minimalistic design but this makes it so great. The pages load very fast, and all information is placed in an organized manner. There is no fluff or filler content available, only essential information regarding quality of the services, the menu with writing services, pricing schedule and the guarantees offered by the company.
There is also a special section dedicated to Medicine &Health essays specialty. This is something we have not noticed with other writing services. Those currently studying in the field of medicine can now easily find professional writing assistance through A-Writer.com.


We always like to test the customer support section of a company. We consider that support is one of the most important factors to be considered when ordering online. The same goes for writing services, so we have actually contacted A-Writer.com experts through the chat, phone and email option to check their responsiveness and the quality of the support provided. We are extremely happy with our findings, because when we first contacted them via live chat we got all the information needed.

An extremely friendly and professional customer support representative told us that he can even guide us through the entire order process. There are many students who are new to such sites, so they definitely need help with placing their order. The assistant then told us about all the discounts and special deals currently available through the site. As he told us, we could actually save more than $60 on the first order. We believe this is a highly beneficial feature especially for students on a limited budget.

Next we have contacted customer representatives through the phone. They picked up immediately being ready to assist us with anything we needed. We asked several questions about the services offered and about the writers working on the projects. They used an extremely honest and professional tone, informing us that all writers have high academic levels and they all have many years of experience in the field.

The tagline of this company is “Achieve with Excellence” and they really live up to this phrase. The quality of their customer service surpasses anything we have seen until now. You can rest assured you will be able to discuss to an expert writer even during the night if you have an urgent writing task. Don’t hesitate to contact the writers today!

Papers Quality

In order to test the quality of the papers, we placed an order with the company. We asked for an essay in American Literature, specifically discussing some topics related to a poem by Emily Dickinson. We specifically gave this essay a deadline of 6 hours. We wanted to see if the team is capable to deliver such a complex essay within a short deadline.

Much to our surprise, the essay has been in our inbox within 4 hours from the moment we ordered it. So we received the essay even sooner than the deadline which is a fantastic thing to keep in mind. We read the essay, and we can say it is of elite quality indeed. The writer used a highly academic elevated language all throughout, and he also used plenty of references and quotes from the poems we gave as reference. The writer even made a professional parallel between Dickinson poems and a few philosophical ideas.

The entire essay read as complex, but this is what we needed. We specifically told the team we need a top quality essay, at almost Doctorate level. This was not an essay for high school, but one or a university class, so we needed outstanding quality. Obviously, the writer is extremely experienced in writing such essays, because he finished it very quickly.

When they delivered the work to the inbox, the experts asked us if they can assist with anything else. They said they delivered the essay 2 hours earlier, so that they can make all necessary modifications if required. We did not need any changes, because we found everything in order. Even editing and proofreading was exceptional. We could not find any editing glitches or grammatical mistakes. The paper was clean and neat just like a literature essay should look like!

Essay Sample

a-writer.com essay sample

Writers Academic Level

The team of A-Writer.com is made up only of the highest caliber experts, as they mention on the website. The company does not hire high school writers or simple editors. They hire only writers with high academic achievement, who come from a verified background. The writers have diplomas in topics such as Chemistry, Literature, Classical Studies and even Medical Studies. Even if you need an expert movie review, the company can supply a Film Studies expert to write that essay or report.

The good side is that students do not have to look up different writing services for the versatile tasks they get. Now, they will find everything under the same roof, because A-Writer employs a very diverse range of professionals with relevant academic degrees such as Master’s Degrees or even Doctoral Degrees (PhDs)

Also, the writers will craft each and every paper to your exact details and instructions. You just need to inform the writers about your exact requirements and they will develop the paper based on those directions. You can even select the level of writing required. They can assign you an MA expert or PhD expert, or even Bachelor level writer for completing high school projects.

Even the editors and proofreaders are qualified experts in their fields. They have relevant work experience such as being editors at publishing houses or editing Dissertations on a professional basis. It is extremely important that when you pay for writing services you ensure the project is completed by highly skilled professionals. You also do not have to edit or proofread the essay yourself, because the experts will perform this task before delivering the work to your inbox. You will receive a plagiarism free, error free, unique and 100% professional essay, that will help you achieve all your higher academic goals and dreams.