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Conclusion: Highly Unreliable

Service Review

When we first opened 3dollaressay.com, we thought: ‘This cannot be real’. This writing service is literally the cheapest you can find if you search the Web for assignment help, and the site does not look very professional, either.

However, since we ordered a paper from them and received it, we concluded that this is indeed a legit service. Along the way, we learned many things about their services, and we urge you to read our 3dollaressay review before you make the final decision.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely low prices

  • 24/7 customer service


  • They only offer one type of paper

  • No discounts and loyalty programs

  • Papers are of very low quality

Online reputation

Low prices are a great way to attract customers into choosing your company, but such low rates are too good to be true. Our doubts became reality as soon as we checked testimonials from customers about this company – 3dollaressay.com is not well-accepted among those who have used it for their papers.


Believe it or not, there are no guarantees with this company. The company does not even guarantee to keep your information confidential, which only adds to our concern. There isn’t a free revision policy in case your paper is bad, nor there is a delivery guarantee in case your paper is delayed.

Types of Services

If you check the website and the ordering form, you will get the impression that this service offers only essays. You’d be wrong. 3dollaressay.com offers a very limited range, but there are several other options to choose from in addition to essay writing. Here you can get dissertations, research papers and term papers.

The strange thing about this list is that the company does not require this kind of information. The ordering form does not at all include a choice of a paper.

Ordering Process

Except for the lack of choices in terms of paper type, the ordering process is much simplified. It will take less than 5 minutes of your time, because 3dollaressay.com does not really request any detailed information.

Since there is no option for you to choose regarding the paper you need written, we recommend that you provide as much information as you can when you place your order.

Prices and Fees

Believe it or not, the prices actually start at $3 for a page! And this price does not apply to a lengthy deadline of months, but 8 days only. In fact, this is the longest deadline you can order your paper for, and the company offers to write dissertations?!

The other deadlines are 7 days (also $3 for a page), 2-6 days ($5 for a page) and 12 hours – 24 hours (only $10 for a page). Such prices are so unrealistically low, they would raise a red flag in anyone who sees them. What kind of service would write a paper for $10 per page within a deadline of 12 hours?

Paper Quality

Of course, we suspected that the paper quality would be low and at these rates, we even doubted to receive a paper at all. We did receive our essay assignment within the deadline of 3 days, which confirmed that the company is legit. But, the quality of the paper was the lowest we have ever seen so far, making even this low amount a bad spending.

Customer Support

The customer support is available 24/7, but not at all helpful. As the writers, the customer support agents also speak very bad English, so it was hard for us to understand what they were saying.

Offers and Extra Services

There are no discounts and extra services offered. This is very obvious, since you cannot really add a discount on such a low price.